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10 Affordable Home Decor Items

10 Affordable Home Decor Ideas

Are you looking for an inexpensive way to update a room in your home? Here are 10 affordable ways to update your room!

While you may crave a whole house makeover, you can definitely add a pop of colour to a room or an interesting focal point without breaking the bank. Below are some budget-friendly suggestions for sprucing up a room or trying a new decorating scheme when you’re ready to play with some elements of a new interior design trend.

Affordable Home Decor Items

Paint it, Black

 With all apologies to the Stones, perhaps not black — although black can be a very polished accent colour — but you can transform a space just a small amount of paint. Perhaps you’d like to add an accent shade to your living room. With a single quart of paint, you can add some dramatic flair to a drab piece of furniture or tie a room together using a bright accent colour on the trim of the doorframe and windowsills. Got a gallon? Paint a single wall in a colour that pops and energizes your space. If you prefer subtler designs, stencils make a good option. Uplifting quotes, seashells, floral and leafy designs and abstract shapes and symbols can all be painted above archways and on walls to personalize and brighten your living area!

Fill It With Flowers!

 Spending $50 on an arrangement of fresh flowers can bring sunshine right into a room. Those who have green thumbs might enjoy hanging a few indoor plants like philodendron that can do well in indirect lighting. But if you want to add fresh greenery of a more permanent nature, purchase a real-appearing artificial palm tree that will never wither from neglect or poor lighting! You can also add elements of the natural world to a room in your home or office with a cascading rock fountain. The soothing background white noise can be comforting and also reduce distractions.

Artificial Palm Tree

Artificial Palm Tree

Support a Local Artist;

 Go for a leisurely gallery stroll with a critical eye and find a piece that speaks to you. Buy it, and take it home to build your room (or a corner of it) around that piece! If you’re a fan of more traditional art, hang a print of a favorite scene whether it be Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup Cans or Monet’s Water Lilies. Do you wish you lived on a windswept beach but wake up in your urban high rise? Hang a seascape on the wall across from your sofa or bed.

Pillow Art

Even a sedate living room can open up with strategically placed colourful pillows. You can even find inexpensive pillow coverslips to use seasonally and on holidays. 

Add Textiles In The Mix!

Texture is an important quality for accessories like throws and pillows, which should be soft. But for riveting wall art, contrast soft fabrics like velvet next to rougher burlap's in complementary colours. Create the illusion of texture with faux brick finishing to accent one wall in a kitchen or dining area.

Let There Be Light!

An eclectic lamp is a striking way to illuminate a room. Go retro with something funky with a 60s vibe or opt for sleek modernistic track lighting. If you don’t want to commit to that, just buy a hot new lampshade that casts the room in a different light. Still undecided? Drape a scarf or a vibrant swath of filmy fabric over your lampshade to add the allure of the souk to your boudoir!

Mirrors on the Wall

Golden Rays Mirror

Small spaces are opened up and emboldened by mirrors, giving the illusion that you're in a bigger space. You can add a wall of mirrors, or simply hang a single ornate oval to reflect and expand the area of the room. You can achieve much of the same results using mirrored accents in a room!

Tablecloths and Linens

The cheapest fix is raiding your mother’s or grandmother’s linen chest and turning your décor score up to 10. Failing that, estate sales and antique stores are good sources of fine linen tablecloths and the softest napkins!

Candles Burning

The scent of candles wafting through a home really sets a mood for an evening or a season. Not only are burning candles lovely to look at, but the evocative scents stir our primal memories and can relax or arouse. Those with children or pets can achieve the same effect safely using battery-operated candles and scented wax melts.

Put It on the Shelf!

Take an old bookshelf — don’t have one? Pick one up at a yard sale — and paint it an outlandish colour. Then store your prized collection of vinyl on it, or your favorite Red Wing gear, or even your books?!
Whatever lines its shelves will draw the eyes of all who enter the room to it.

When you’re looking for new design ideas, there are affordable options to help you make up your mind before you commit to any one style or design.