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What to Put in a Decorative Bowl

 Okay, so you have a decorative bowl or you’re thinking of buying one but you aren’t quite sure what it fill it with? Well here’s a few ideas;

 Decorative bowls make a great centrepiece for your table or accent piece to put somewhere in your home for that extra pop. There are many different varieties of these and depending what you fill it with, to match your home. There are also a lot of different ideas, and sure you can actually buy decorative bowl fillers, but you can also get creative with them as well.

  A look that I see a lot and love are pinecones. Living in Canada this may not seem as a surprise, but you can add some extra warmth with this idea and you can even get creative and paint them white or silver (or any other colour that matches your home). If you want to tie this in with a fall theme then throw some colourful fake leaves in there as well. Along the same idea you can also fill it with branches, cranberries, wine corks etc. Get creative with it and add your personal touch!

What to put in a decorative bowl

 Another look that I love are decorative spheres. These are typically made with yarn, and also a great DIY as they tend to actually get pretty expensive. See  here for this great DIY design to see how you can easily achieve this on your own. These are all great design ideas to help fill your accent pieces with your own personal touch to your home.